12 Signs that your body is crying for help that should not be neglected

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Although the biological mechanism of our bodies are designed to combat disease and the like. We still drive it beyond its limits owing to incorrect lifestyle and dietary habits. When our bodies aren’t able to cope and require external help. It gives out tell tale signs that something is going wrong and at risk of increasing to the point of disease or unhealthy conditions. Here are 12 telltale signs your body is crying for help.

1Leg Cramps

Leg cramps frequently occur at night and the pain as those suffering from it can be excruciating. The main cause is inadequate blood supply because of narrow arteries. Another reason could be due to spinal compression from walking too long. For prevention, eat foods rich in potassium such as oranges bananas tomatoes. Bananas especially are a very rich source of potassium. Ensure that you drink plenty of water.

Leg Cramps

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Food Cravings

Food cravings are usually the cause of poor lifestyle habits and inactivity. Rectifying this with exercise and a proper diet will prevent such occurrences. When your body lacks proper nutrition and certain nutrients. It rests in food cravings. Stop eating processed foods salty snacks and colas. Get adequate sleep and exercise which should include destressing activity like yoga and meditation.

Food Cravings

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3Dry Skin

Not many people get alarmed with dry skin although it can mean something is wrong. While one of the causes is dry weather and humidity. Soaps and detergents can also remove natural oils from your skin making it dry. You should also visit your doctor to rule out kidney problems or check for additional symptoms. When only dry skin is the problem, moisturize your skin regularly after a shower and eat foods rich in healthy fats like avocados almonds dish like salmon and seeds.

Dry Skin


Headaches should never be neglected especially if they occur frequently. Headaches can be the result of sinus problems colds infection or fever. Headaches can also be caused by stress and emotional disorders such h as depression, lack of sleep and eating disorders. When headaches are frequent intense. You should immediately see a doctor. To prevent headaches eat magnesium rich foods.


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Skin irritations and constant night itching

The most common cause of night itching in extremities is food allergies. Even if you aren’t aware of the foods that may be triggering your problem. There are certain tests that can find out the allergens in your blood. Consult your doctor to consider and IGE level (immunoglobulin) test. In the meanwhile antihistamines prescribed by your doctor can control the itch. Maintain a healthy diet and avoid foods that are known triggers of allergens moisturizing your skin will help and so will destressing exercises or meditation at night as it could also be caused by stress.

Skin irritations

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6Brittle Nails

Among signs that your body is crying for help, brittle nails usually occur with old age but where women are concerned it could be due to other causes like frequently using nail polish. Hormonal imbalances or depression and poor diet. Visit a doctor to find out the real cause so that you will know the nutrients you lack and how to maintain a healthy diet.

Brittle Nails

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7Split Ends

Split ends are usually invisible because of their location but once noticed, it can mean that sometime is wrong with your health. Split ends can be due to dry hair caused by hair straighteners and blow dryers. Chemical dyes in hair color can also cause split ends. To prevent this eat foods rich in healthy fats like fatty fish olive oil and use organic hair dye.

Split Ends

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