VIDEO: Silo collapse goes the wrong way, hits library

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Danish engineers got two for the price of one when the demolition of a silo went sideways and crushed a library as well.

Residents in the town of Vordingborg had gathered to watch the 170-foot tower come down, but the event took an unexpected turn when it fell in the wrong direction on Friday afternoon.

The silo fell along the waterfront and hit a cultural center that includes a library, music school and archive. The full extent of the damage remains unknown.

Lars Hog Schou, a manager of Denmark’s Emergency Planning Agency, shared a picture of cleanup efforts that showed one side of the building destroyed.

No one was inside of the building at the time and there were no injuries reported.

The company behind the blast, which reportedly had another recent demolition go awry, says that all protocols were followed, and a Danish Explosives Association official said that the preparations for the demolition appeared to have been correct, according to TV2.

Library workers told the channel that the incident destroyed offices, but the rest of the building was deemed structurally safe. It is not known when the library will be able to resume operations.